The Center

The 16,500 square foot Heritage Center, whose building shell and portions of the interior is complete, anticipates an opening date next year. The speed of completion of the interior construction; and manufacture, assembly, and installation of the high-tech exhibits is dependent on fund-raising success.  The Center will be a destination for families, students, tourists, researchers, and history buffs interested in exploring this one-of-a-kind Polish-American historical tribute.  It will provide interactive & immersive experiences from early Polish history to the present, and will be a vibrant location for special events, programs, conferences, and celebrations.

It will contain:

- Permanent and Temporary Exhibit Spaces
- Theater and Event Space
- Archives
- Genealogy Room and Oral History Collection Area
- Library
- Conference Room
- Concession Area 


Lobby: An Introduction to our Story

Rotunda: Polish Saints, the spiritual heart of the Center

Permanent exhibits are planned in four main exhibit areas:

  1. Early Poland (996 – 1854)

  2. Immigration to Texas, Getting Started in a New Land, Early Polish Settlements in Texas 1854 to Present, Early Polish Parishes, Education, Schools, Polish Expansion throughout Texas

  3. Twentieth Century Poland, World War I, World War II, Communist Poland

  4. Polish Renaissance in Texas 1966 to present, Preserving Polish Culture, Pope John Paul II visits to Texas, and Polish Texans reconnect with their Heritage

    Watch a short video about the Polish Heritage Center.
    Created by Frank Guerra.