Archives & Library

Our Archives and Library house and preserve artifacts, photographs, stories, memories, books, and documents about the early Polish immigrants to Texas, and their descendants. 

How we will use your submitted materials:
- In exhibits
- In our research library
We will always reference you as the Donor, unless you request otherwise.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a “Scanning Day” at your parish. See our events page and below to see what we can do for you.

We are actively seeking contributions of:

  • family photos and videos - your originals can be professionally scanned for our archives, at no charge; we do not keep your originals

  • histories, oral and written

  • genealogical records

  • documents - we have professional equipment to safely scan your documents

  • heirlooms, on loan or gifted to us

  • books related to the Polish settlements in Texas, and more!


Written Memories
Even one paragraph of memories is a valuable asset to our permanent archives! Download our easy Memories Form to contribute your memories such as:

  • family memories

  • parish activities

  • memories shared by an ancestor

  • celebrations at holidays

  • family events

  • working on the farm

  • military experience

  • community and civic activities

  • traditions

  • experiences at social function

  • speaking Polish

  • achievements

  • positive life lessons or values

  • hardships overcome

  • songs sung

  • favorite recipes

  • stories and much more!

Share your photos with us - use this form to make sure we have the correct information recorded, please.

We welcome copies of wedding certificates, citizenship papers, birth and death certificates. Use this form to submit copies, please.

We are happy to arrange for a day of scanning at your parish or by making an appointment with our archivist. Contact us to set up a date.

See Our Upcoming Events page for a Scanning Day near you.